Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, D. Hill, the artist formerly known as PX has evolved into more than just your average rapper from the hood. His latest EP is a two part project, The Life of a Spaceship Pilot and The Death of PX, showcasing the transition from Prime Xzample, the young hustler living the street life, to D. Hill, the man who has learned and grown from the mistakes of his ways. Experience the raw, multifaceted life of D. Hill as he takes us on the journey from hardships such as losing his grandmother, becoming a family man, and escaping the traps of the hood. In the early stages of his career, he has already collaborated with artists such as Nipsey Hustle and Erykah Badu and appeared on SiriusXM with DJ Kay Slay. With his music D. Hill hopes to open your ears, minds, and hearts and take a ride on this spaceship that is his life.